Summer Pictures!

More the merrier when it comes to naptime.
Brayden at the Woodlands Children's Museum.
Dylan at the museum.

Brayden riding a car ride at the mall.

Brayden playing at home.

Dylan playing at home.

Brayden with Daddy at the Blue Bell factory in Brenham, Tx.

Brayden posing on the Blue Bell truck.

Mommy and Dylan at the factory.

The family with Grandma and Grandpa Mingoia.

The family with Mike's sister, Megan, and her husband, Jim. They were visiting from California.

Brayden at Bouncin Bear.

They had lots of fun there.

Dylan at Bouncin Bear play date.

Water fun play date at Jackson's house.

Grandma and Grandpa Zappa come to visit.

Brayden playing with fire at the mall play area.

Boat full of cousins.

The boys at the Willowbrook mall play area.

The Boys Captured on Canvas!

Getting the boys to pose for a picture together can be a big challenge and to get them to look happy about it is next to impossible! So, I deciding to just paint them that way myself. It's been along time since I have painted simply because it is just so hard to find the time and painting around the kids just doesn't work. So, here is my attempt at painting them during a couple of days of nap times and nights after the boys were in bed. It was nice to get my hand on a brush again and I would have to say this had to be my most favorite subject!
"My boys" 2010 in acrylic
This is the photo I used as a reference. I had to take two photos and stick them together in Photoshop..hehe. If you noticed I substituted the toy bug for a Lightening McQueen car because one thing I will remember about them at this age is Dylan loved Cars especially from the movie and Brayden wanted to always take them from him.

Rainy Day Fun!

With a lot of rain and a few little runny noses and coughs you can still make it a fun day at home.
Brayden up the slide.
Down the slide right into Dylan's personal space. Just the way Brayden likes it.
If you can't beat'em, then join'em for kangaroo climbing fun.
Dylan up the slide.
Playing together is fun.
Back around again they go.
Brayden kickin back relaxing in the little chair watching a show with his bro.
Brayden boiling potatoes in the kitchen. Up the stairs.

Time to take a nap.

4th of July in Louisiana!

We had a fun 4th of July weekend in Lake Charles, La where my parents live. We got to go to the park on the lake front and spent time in Grandma Z's garden picking tomatos and figs and saw turtles down by the creek. Also, we visited family in Leesville, La where my mom grew up.
The boys playing in the park at the lake front.
In the wooden plane with Daddy.
Brayden sitting in the wooden plane.

Dylan sitting in the wooden plane.
Braydens steering at the park.
Brayden relaxing in the little rocker.
Dylan playing outside with Grandma Z's metal bug.
The boys with Grandma Z. and Great Aunt Ruth
Dylan riding Mommy old rocking horse from when she was a little girl.
The boys playing with their Uncle Keith's old cars from when he was a little boy.
Brayden very happy with himself having just gone up the brick stairs without Mommy's approval.
Dylan taking a walk with Grandpa Z.
Dylan on the porch.
Dylan picking figs in Grandma Z's garden.
Brayden walking around at Great Aunt Ruth's house.
Dylan stand over the a/c vent putting tissues over it so they would fly. He kept saying " I'm windy!"

Dylan Turns 2 and a Half!

It's hard to believe Dylan is 2 and a half years now! At this age he is full of energy running, jumping and always on the go. He is saying all kinds of words and knows most of the letters in the alphabet and all his colors. He loves riding his tricycle in the house, playing with his train table, and building things with his Legos, especially things that go. He is also an avid lover of cars. His favorite shows are Sesame Street, Little Einsteins, and Word World. He has become a great little helper and cool big brother.

Cowboy Dylan.
Dylan loves wearing his sunglasses especially in the car.
Dylan picking blueberries.

Dylan running with his blueberries.

Dylan on Father's Day with his two favorite guys..Daddy and Brother.

Dylan riding his tricycle.

Dylan looking at a book while Brayden is sitting very close to him.

Dylan at the Downtown Aquarium. Hey, Daddy works in that black building behind me.

Dylan steering the ship's wheel at the aquarium.